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2 years ago

MBA Programs To Achieve Goal And Gain Success In The Future

MBA Programs To Achieve Goal And Gain Success In The Future

Mantissa College offers programs for every student who just graduated from an undergraduate program in any field or professionals who want to add additional title to his resume. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) can bring career goals to close its reach. Applicable to a wide range of business areas, an MBA professionals seeking employment in the public sector, non-profit, private sector, or even your own business will benefit.


Mantissa College presents Executive Master + Degree + Programs, MBA courses, European masters program and Top International MBA programs in Malaysia. Mantissa offers different courses that range from pre-university to post-graduate and professional qualifications including doctor of business administration, master in business administration, bachelor in business admin, diploma in accounting, business administration plus certificate in English.


How about taking your MBA in Malaysia? For example, you can study in Selangor, Kedah, or the capital, Kuala Lumpur. During your MBA in Malaysia you can learn about the Malaysian economy - the 29th largest in the world - with abundant natural resources and manufacturing that serve as the main exports. Our MBA Programs In Malaysia also have a clear international focus, preparing students for success in today's globalized economy. With both part-time and full-time study options, the Mantissa College offers the opportunity to earn an MBA at a pace that is right for you. On our web page you can also request for information directly from the university in seconds. To get more information about the courses and college log on to our web site